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Make sure you guests have a great time at your wedding by making it unforgettable!

Your wedding celebrates your beautiful love story – but considering your guests have come a long way to be there for you, it is only natural that you want to provide them with a truly unforgettable event. How to do that? How to make sure your guests have a great time at your wedding? We […]

Take a look at some beauty tips to have you looking gorgeous on your wedding day!

As a bride, you will look gorgeous. You will radiate with happiness and you will spread love and grace with every single pore of your body. And yet, like all the other brides-to-be, you want to be absolutely certain this happens and that you feel excellent in your own body. How to do it? How […]

Choose shoes for your wedding day that will offer you the best style for your bridal look!

Your wedding dress is extremely important – but so are all the other details that will make your wedding gown shine with style and beauty. For instance, the shoes you wear on your wedding day can have a paramount importance on your overall look. How to choose the right shoes for your Big Day? We […]

Have your dad involved in the wedding with these fun duties:

Your dad is a very special person. You love him and he would do anything to see his baby girl happy – especially on her wedding day. How to involve your dad in the wedding in a really fun way? We have gathered some ideas for you – so read on if you need some […]

Include these nostalgic touches into your wedding to add that personal touch!

Weddings are among the happiest events in people’s lives. They are filled with emotion and anxiety, hope and beauty – but more than anything, they are absolutely unforgettable. If you want your Big Day to boast with personality and style and if you want to sprinkle a bit of nostalgia on everything, here are some […]

Having a dessert bar at your wedding is a great way to entertain your guests!

As the host of your wedding, you want each and every guest to have a great time while celebrating with you. Aside from delicious food, great drinks and excellent entertainment, having a dessert bar is a great option if you want to add in a little “extra” for your guests’ wellbeing. How to create the […]

As the bride you want to look beautiful on your wedding day! Choose the perfect hairstyle to accompany the choice of your wedding dress neckline

Your wedding day is a magically special moment in your life – so it is only natural that you want to look at your very best. Of course, picking the perfect dress and accessories is very important when it comes to this – but don’t forget that your hairstyle and makeup are also crucial if […]

Do you know what type of wedding planner you need to make your big day magical? Take a look:

Although this used to be considered a luxury, hiring a wedding planner has become a lot more common these days. As long as you choose a professional planner you can actually communicate with and with whom you feel on the same page, you will definitely reap a lot of benefits from your collaboration. Do you […]