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Include these nostalgic touches into your wedding to add that personal touch!

De Marillac Formal Attire

Weddings are among the happiest events in people’s lives. They are filled with emotion and anxiety, hope and beauty – but more than anything, they are absolutely unforgettable. If you want your Big Day to boast with personality and style and if you want to sprinkle a bit of nostalgia on everything, here are some unique touches you can bring into the wedding vibe:

  • The awkward and the beauty. Pictures are amazing at evoking beautiful (or simply funny) moments in one’s life – so why not use some old pictures to customize your wedding décor with your own unique story? Some photos of your parents’ weddings, some awkward school photos and even some photos of when you first met will add so much to the entire décor!
  • The disco and the ballad. Ask your DJ to incorporate some old-school songs in the playlist. They will make people jump off their seats and dance and they will add a timeless feeling to your wedding. Those songs you used to listen in high school and those special tunes your mom and dad danced on at their graduation? They are absolute gold to creating a special atmosphere at your wedding!
  • The funky and the groovy. Want to add something really fun to your wedding? Bring out some oversized 80s glasses, some old-fashioned music tapes and some timeless moustache-and-glasses masks. These props will make for funky, groovy and truly entertaining pictures – so your guests will definitely love them!

Searching for the perfect attire for the Big Day? Here at De Marillac Formal Attire, we have gathered some of the most beautiful designs out there – so come visit us and take a look around. We guarantee you will find the perfect dress or tuxedo to make you feel fabulous on your wedding day!


Photo source: flickr.com/ WalterPro4755

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