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Having a dessert bar at your wedding is a great way to entertain your guests!

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As the host of your wedding, you want each and every guest to have a great time while celebrating with you. Aside from delicious food, great drinks and excellent entertainment, having a dessert bar is a great option if you want to add in a little “extra” for your guests’ wellbeing.

How to create the perfect dessert bar, though? We have gathered some tips to inspire you on this – so read on and find out more.

  • Pick your candy. Think of the sweet treats you enjoy and buy them in colors that match your wedding theme (you should have at least 6-7 types of candy available for your dessert bar). Also, make sure everyone has plenty of candy to indulge in (generally speaking, about 0.2-0.25 pounds/ guest should be enough).
  • Pick your containers. Place your sweets in great-looking glass containers, so that you perfectly incorporate the dessert bar with the rest of the décor. Also, think of some smaller containers guests can use to take some candy home with them (small boxes or customized envelopes are a great idea for this).
  • Pick your décor. Once your candy and your containers are ready, think of some décor elements to help you make your dessert bar look truly gorgeous. Flowers, herbs, lights and even fruit can be successfully incorporated into your candy bar décor – so don’t be afraid to use your imagination and create something unique and beautiful!

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Photo source: flickr.com/ kristin_a (Meringue Bake Shop)

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